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We created a company to turn the Autumn Berry from pest to product.

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Autumn berries.

Autumn Berries

Across North America, this plentiful and nutritious wild food source grows among us.

What to do with your berries?


Wild food foragers identify these berries and transform them into delicious foods. How about you?

Make Jam. Not War.


This exotic tree can reconnect us with nature and feed the world while healing the land.

Foraging guidelines and advisory against propagation

Please Remember, 

1. Before eating any wild food, be sure it is properly identified by an experienced forager. Make sure you do not mistake honeysuckle, poke berry, buckthorn, or other inedible and toxic fruits for autumn berries.

2. Only take the fruit you need with permission from the landowner and the plant itself. Do not consume wild foods grown in unclean places.

3. Autumn Olive is considered an invasive species in Illinois and many other places in North America. DO NOT attempt to propagate, plant, or sell the tree or fruit with viable seeds. It is against the law and bad land stewardship.

Above all, thank the planet for this delicious and nutritious gift, and always appreciate and Enjoy Elaeagnus.

About Us

Autumn Berry Inspired was born to share nutritious and inspiring experiences. While nurturing our bodies, Autumn Berry products enhance our lives by raising ecological awareness and emboldening us to find new solutions to the world’s pressing issues. We created this company to promote the maximum utilization of resources and spark a chain reaction of planet-saving projects.

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