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This jam is AMAZING!!
Everyone in my family absolutely loved it! We loved it paired with cheese’s and also on its own, will definitely be ordering again!
We love this jam!
Paired well with cream cheese, Brie or goat cheese with crackers or bagels!
Super fast shipping!
So happy to find Autumnberry products!!!!
Tastes delicious!
A feel-good buy. 🙂
Our Products
The autumn berry is a delicious and incredibly versatile fruit
SOLD OUT: Autumn Berry Jam
USD 10.00
SOLD OUT: Autumn Berry Jam ~ Jalapeño Heat
USD 10.00
SOLD OUT: EXTRA Spicy Autumn Berry Jam with habañero peppers
USD 10.00
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Harvest all the autumn berries

Since 2012, Autumn Berry Inspired has been collaborating with food artisans in Central Illinois, Chicago, and beyond to create amazing Autumn Berry foods including jam, dried fruit snacks, chia pudding, ice cream, doughnuts, salad dressing, cream cheese spread, BBQ sauce, beer, mead, and wine. People love to experience this new, delicious flavor in their familiar foods.

Learn and Get Inspired!
Silver leaves, four petal flowers, speckled fruit

About Autumn Berries

Across North America, this plentiful and nutritious wild food-source grows among us.

Autumn Berry Sorbet by Red Bicycle Ice Cream

Autumn Berries Recipes

Wild food foragers identify these berries and transform them into delicious foods. How about you?

The problem is the solution

About Regeneration

This exotic tree can reconnect us with nature and feed the world while healing the land.

Foraging guidelines and advisory against propagation


Proper Identification

Before eating any wild food, be sure it is properly identified by an experienced forager.

Make sure you do not mistake honeysuckle, poke berry, buckthorn, or other inedible and toxic fruit for autumn berries.


Be Respectful

Only take the fruit you need with permission from the landowner and the plant itself.

Do not consume wild foods grown in unclean places.


Don't Spread Them

Autumn Olive is considered an invasive species in North America.

Where they grow now, they are flourishing. We shouldn’t spread them to new areas. It is against the law in some places and could be bad land stewardship.

Above all, thank the planet for this delicious and nutritious gift,  

and Always Appreciate and Enjoy Elaeagnus.

Our Mission

Promote the maximum utilization of resources

We created this company to promote the maximum utilization of resources and spark a chain reaction of planet-saving projects. Dustin and his team developed techniques for harvesting and processing to inspire others to connect with, enjoy, and preserve their local natural world.

Be a part of this exciting new food trend. Try a new flavor!

Passion is what drives us

The autumn berry is a delicious and incredibly versatile fruit

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