About Autumn Berry Inspired

Our History

Since 2012, Autumn Berry Inspired has been collaborating with food artisans in Central Illinois, Chicago, and beyond to create amazing Autumn Berry foods including jam, dried fruit snacks, chia pudding, ice cream, doughnuts, salad dressing, cream cheese spread, BBQ sauce, beer, mead, and wine. People love to experience this new, delicious flavor in their familiar foods.

Founder Dustin Kelly became inspired when he harvested his first Autumn Berries in 2011 from an organic farm in Urbana, Illinois.  Ever since he has been promoting awareness and control of this exotic tree along with wide-spread consumption of its abundant, tasty, and nutritious berry.  Dustin and his team developed techniques for harvesting and processing which they freely share (see FAQ-link) to inspire others to connect with, enjoy, and preserve their local natural world  

Autumn Berry Inspired creates experiences that nurture and inspire us. Our products raise ecological awareness and promote the maximum utilization of resources. 

“This jam is AMAZING!! Everyone in my family absolutely loved it! We loved it paired with cheese’s and also on its own, will definitely be ordering again!”

L.P. ~ 08-10-2020

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