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Autumn Berry Inspired: Aware of the Rare

We’re inventing “Industrial Foraging,”

 an innovation in agriculture that raises our awareness

of rare super-foods like the Autumn Berry.


The problems

The Autumn Olive tree (Eleagnus umbellata) was introduced to North America for soil conservation and wildlife habitat, but has since become “invasive,” meaning it spreads quickly and out-competes native species.  Modern attempts to eliminate the tree are wasteful, dangerous, and unsuccessful.  Meanwhile, Americans lack sources of uncontaminated, nutritious local food.  Impoverished rural communities lack jobs and opportunity.  Natural areas are underfunded, neglected, and plagued by an uncontrollable “pest.”

Our Solution: If we can’t beat it, let’s eat it

Our innovative solution, Autumn Berry Inspired, alleviates these problems by developing highly productive, multifunctional orchards from existing groves of Autumn Olive.  We create value and demand for the fruit with wonderful branded products.  Doing this we create jobs, feed people, and the tree is no longer a pest.  In other words, “if we can’t beat it, let’s eat it.”

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A new crop, a revolutionary industry

Growers across the country can join our farmer-owned cooperative modeled after Ocean Spray Cranberries.  Autumn Olive orchards don’t require irrigation, fertilizer, or pesticides so they remain an excellent place for wildlife and recreation.  The newly accessible acreage will also serve as a place to raise cover crops, honeybees, and pastured poultry, sheep, hogs, and goats.  You can even (like we did) build cabins in there!

We are sending a clear signal to the agriculture and food industries and to all the Autumn Berry enthusiasts across the country (and there are many) that the time for this new commodity has arrived.  America can turn its useless weedy groves into delightful orchards, and we can all benefit from the new tasty and nutritious local food source.

Achieving productive harmony

With Autumn Berry Inspired we remember that we can’t control everything with a military campaign.  At some point, we need to understand the “enemy” and make peace, not war.

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Published by Autumn Berry Inspired

We are transforming an underutilized natural resource into a hot commodity. The Autumn Berry is a healthy wild fruit growing in abundance throughout much of America, yet few harvest it. This venture is a PR campaign, a local education effort, a cry for sustainable agriculture, and a practical profit seeking endeavor wrapped up in one. Let's enjoy this Autumn harvest together.

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