Our Mission

autumn berries against the sky

We want to inspire change in the way we all interact with nature.

Providing high-quality products

The first part of our mission is to supply the highest-quality autumn berry products on the market in ways that benefit people and the planet. We raise public awareness of this exciting new food resource as well as the important ecological issues surrounding invasive species. 

Restoring unproductive land

Another important part of our mission is to inspire a grass roots movement that will revolutionize how we farm.

For seven years we’ve been developing an “autumn berry forest farm.” We are lucky to start our company with the ability to harvest from an organic farm in Central Illinois that has a five acre grove of wild autumn olive trees. Over the past seven years, we have been containing the borders of this grove while thinning out the trees and harvesting all the berries we can before the birds get to them and spread the seeds. The result is a diverse and productive wild orchard that is pleasant to be in. We will continue to experiment with pruning and raising a variety of crops within that orchard with the hopes of creating integrated and productive sustainable agriculture systems on land that is widely thought of as a liability instead of an asset.

Using these five acres as a model, we will act as consultants to help farmers and land-owners restore their lands that have been invaded by the autumn olive tree and other species.